2023 Rates 

We will turn on your sprinkler system in the spring with complete 9-Point Analysis of your irrigation system. 

1. Broken, clogged and leaking sprinkler heads. If the sprinkler filters are plugged, it can take some time to clean. It is best to pre filter or make sure your water is as clean as you can.
2. Properly functioning valves
3. Head to head water coverage
4. Matched precipitation
5. Proper irrigation controller settings
6. non functioning rain sensor
7. Broken or leaking pipes

8. Leaking in valve boxes

9. Set Automatic controller for seasonal adjustments additional and decreased times

Trouble Shooting & Emergency Repair
   We have the knowledge and experience with all aspects of water distribution. Whether it is locating a short in your electrical portion of your system or a slow leak that does not appear on the surface, we can help. If your system fails, give us a shout!
   We offer training for your employees on your unique system, please give Jeff a call 509-670-0398

Whatever your issue is with your irrigation system, we can quickly evaluate, give you an estimate on the spot and repair it or give you the options available. There are always options!  


Residential Local Service call $95.00 plus tax for the first 45 minutes and $95.00 each hour thereafter (does not include parts). 

Commercial Service call $110.00, plus tax for the first 45 minutes and $110.00 each hour thereafter (does not include parts).

Broken wire locating service or ground fault locations, diagnostic service $110.00 hr (does not include parts)

Emergency after hours $199.00 plus tax. ($110.00 per hour thereafter)

​​​​​​      Residential & Commercial  Services
     Repair and Irrigation systems management
     Sprinkler system repair
     New Irrigation System design and installation 
     Water Features
     Ponds and Lakes
     Drainage issues identified and repairs


                  From a simple adjustment of  your sprinkler system to full restorations of your existing system Prentice Irrigation can get it done, on time and within your budget! Our Service technician is fully trained not only to make repairs to your irrigation system but to get to the cause of the problem rather than treating the symptom. With over 25 years in the Water Distribution management and repair industry, we can optimize, repair and maintain your irrigation system. We repair all irrigation issues including; leaks, breaks, broken heads, broken or clogged nozzles, main line , lateral line issues, controllers and timers, sensors, valves, wiring and electrical issues, backflow, drip, problems with broken risers. All of our repairs come with a 1 year warranty covering parts. We are happy to accommodate weekend appointments and are available for emergency services. We serve a 50 mile radius of Cashmere Washington. Please inquire 509-393- 9839 or by our contact page.