"Providing irrigation solutions in practical terms"

"Providing Irrigation Solutions in Practical Terms"

    Waterfall, Pond, Lake or Water Feature
     I need repaired, replaced or trouble shooting for: 

1. Leak

2. Dirty Water problem

3. Algae

4. Maintenance

5. UV Light

6. Underwater Lights

7. cracked liner

8. bubble in liner

9. Overgrown surroundings

10. Flow control for discharge

11. Other


   I need repaired, replaced or trouble shooting for:

1. Irrigation Timer or Controller               14. Ponding water

2. Electric Valve                                      15. Relocating  water lines

3. Leak                                                    16. Relocating Sprinklers

4. Sprinkler                                              17. Pump station

5. Sprinkler Coverage                               18. Wier Box

6. Height of Sprinkler                               19. Water scheduling   

7. Pump                                                   20. Irrigation System training

8. Filter

9. Irrigation System

10. Water coverage

11. Pressure of system to high or low

12. over watering

13. wiring

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         Please see below a list of common problems associated with sprinkler system repair for your irrigation system or water feature. Please indicate the  category and tell us about the issue or issues you are experiencing.This will greatly help us evaluate your unique situation. If you are unable to identify anything from the list, please don't hesitate to call us

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