"Providing irrigation solutions in practical terms"

 "Working in the Irrigation industry has been a wonderfull fulfilling career. The ever changing environment has led me to seek more efficient and economical ways of using one of our most precious resources". Jeff Prentice

 Company history

            I started out in the irrigation industry in 1983 in North Central Washington. I learned very early on that "not all irrigation systems are the same". In 1989 I formed Blackcliff Farms in Palisades, Washington. We designed and installed hundreds of irrigation systems, from small drip systems to large scale commercial systems. Designed and installed residential sub-division's irrigation complete systems from mainline to lot connections. I have always used conservative figures to determine use at "build out" of these developments. This insures the integrity of the system as the project unfolds and is complete. 

           Over the years the experience I have gained as a General Contractor in North Central Washington for 20 years and Facilities and Grounds manager for some of Washington's finest Resorts; The Freestone Inn,  Mazama, Washington. The Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort and The Cave B Inn in George, Washington. Each one of these complicated properties all had very extensive irrigating systems along with many pumping stations.

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                     Irrigation 101

Yes, there are many different ways to get a job done but not all include the thorough understanding of some pretty important preliminary questions:

1. What type of plants, grass, or other materials do you want to irrigate?    

2. Do you have enough water supply for the proper watering needs of the material you are irrigating?

3. Do you have enough water pressure for the types of sprinkler's or emitters you want to irrigate with?

Of course there are many other questions that need to be answered along with the ones above. That's why you need to contact us for a free estimate. We will tell you like it is. No fuss just honesty and experience that covers over 25 years experience with all types of irrigation issues.          




"When it comes to water,
the most normal person will resort to lying, cheating and even stealing when their supply is threatened".
Leo Johnson 1973
my Grandfather

            Today I  offer sprinkler system services of all kinds; new construction design to installs,  repair Services all types, including pumps and pump house refitting. I am an expert at "broken wire locates" if you are in need? I am mainly in Chelan and Douglas counties but will travel out of the area as needed. Including Grant, Kittitas and Okanogan Counties.

  I found passion for the Water industry in 1983 working for David Burnett and "Cascade Irrigation". He was a wonderful mentor and  helped me establish Blackcliff Farms Landscape Contruction Co. in 1989.

            Over the years I began to realize most people  need help when it comes to repairing their Irrigation Systems.

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Licensed General Contractor Washington State

Registration # PRENTI862MS

"Providing Irrigation Solutions in Practical Terms"